Breastfeeding in Public – Yes You Can!

Updated: May 20

You may be wondering if you just read that title right, well yes you did. Asalaamu alaykum, I’m Umm Ubaydah, mother to three children and owner of @myjilbabistore

I am a fully covering (excluding niqab) Muslim woman and I breastfed my babies in public. In the children’s play park, in the coffee shop or restaurant, in my car (parked obviously!), at other peoples houses…you name it. I breastfed wherever I went! But how? How could I breastfeed everywhere I went but still cover myself? Well its really not that complicated.

When the baby has a confident latch and doesn’t need much guidance, you can easily breastfeed under a 2 piece jilbab. Jilbabs offer such ample coverage that none of your ‘awrah will become exposed, just make sure you are wearing clothes underneath that make breastfeeding easy. A nursing bra that you can clip and unclip one handed make this very easy.

But what if you don’t wear Jilbab?

Alhamdulillah there are many modest alternatives that still cater for breastfeeding mums. Try an abaya with ample breastfeeding zip with a khimar that offers good chest coverage. Or even a 2 piece abaya with nursing zip and good coverage khimar.

"Breastfeeding in public should be natural and easy for us"

Breastfeeding in public should be natural and easy for us and not an anxiety filled and stressful situation! Its not a condition that we lock ourselves away in a room every time baby needs to feed. I even breastfed at appointments! And I was so much happier and more relaxed living this way compared to struggling to find an unoccupied mother and baby room.

And with how things are moving today with women's safe spaces no longer being women only safe spaces and being invaded by the Alphabet People, I personally feel it’s a much safer option to breastfeed under your Hijab while not exposing anything than breastfeeding in a mother and baby room and a woman impersonator entering and seeing your awrah! Subhan Allaah it’s a sad and shocking reality we live in despite the West claiming to be the advocates for women's rights!

So you can stay covered, stay calm and feed away and if anyone has a problem (which I have never experienced, its their problem!).

P.S. When you’re covered, especially in a jilbab, no one usually even notices you have a baby under there feeding anyway!

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